Ok, so this is a day early, but since I’ll probably be spending the last day of 2015 preparing our house for a guest/knocking back various cocktails and drunk calling Jeffrey Katzenbeg, I thought I should write this today.

It’s been almost a year since the big announcement. I still have days when I wake up thinking I’m going to head into PDI and see everyone, and I still miss that studio and the people there. Once we sold our house and moved (during which I thought my head was going to explode into a colorful display of rage confetti) I was finally able to focus on the “what’s next” stuff. Our new place is incredibly nice, and I don’t think we could have hoped for a better neighborhood and school for our son. 

Transitioning into a stay-at-home dad/writer has had its ups and down. On the upside, I get to wear super comfy pajamas most of the day, volunteer at Em’s school (I put on outside pants for that. And a incredibly snazzy bright orange vest when I help out with the morning kindergarten dropoffs. Sorry ladies, I’m taken!), and spending a LOT of time with the kid. On the downside, starting midlife on an attempt to be a writer isn’t exactly easy. Writing Social Medium has been a great learning experience, and I’ve met a ton of amazing people because of it. We’re still waiting to see what’s next, but I’m incredibly proud of what we’ve accomplished so far.

This year has seen the start of a few projects, some are more public than others. Really excited to see where The Adventures of Crash Tucker goes this year. I wrote the pilot episode for a friend and he’s been working hard to bring it to life. I’m writing and directing a show with Nimble Collective, and I’m genuinely amazed by how well it’s turning out (not by how amazing the work is going, but that I’m so lucky to be working with them).

There’s a couple other projects in the works at various stages that I can hopefully talk about soon. I’m spending my days writing spec screenplays, making phone calls, reminding people I’m still alive. I have no idea where this will all lead, if anywhere. I’m mostly just really grateful for Jen’s support, Emmett’s inspiration, and the cats for only throwing up on my side of the bed once a week. There’s a ton of other people that have, for whatever mysterious reason, have believed in me enough to point me in direction I hadn’t thought of, introduce me to new connections, and generally encouraged me to keep going. Why, I have no idea. Do I owe them money?

I tried to pick my Song Of The Year, but it’s going to have to be two. I hope all of you made it through 2015 relatively unscathed. Keep making shit happen.

“That Old Black Hole”-

“Fake Headlines”-


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  1. Your cat only throws up once a week? I guess you can add sorcery to that impressive lists of accomplishments for the year. Well done and keep going – you are an inspiration to the pajama gang (yes that is a real thing – in my mind anyways- and no…we don’t have T-shirts…YET – hint hint)

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