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101 Word Ghost Stories

“Hi, Doctor. I know this is weird, but while I was waiting in the lobby, I checked your Yelp reviews and read that this dentist office burned down in a mysterious fire.”

“It did. I am an evil dentist ghost.”

“Oh no! I’ve got to get out of here!”

“But I’m accepting new patients.”

“Huh. Not many offices are. No! Your eyes are black and you’re obviously holding a bloody dental cleaning hook thingy behind your back!”

“OK, you caught me. I am. And it’s called a hand scaler, by the way.”

“Help! Help!”

“I do accept HMO.”

“Really? Well, OK.”


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Eyeball Ghost vs The Halloweiners


In a spooky old town, on a spooky old hill, in a spooky old house, there was a spooky old ghost named Eyeball Ghost.

One spooky Halloween night, Eyeball Ghost was in the spooky old backyard behind his spooky old house, grilling up a few hot dogs on his spooky old grill. He was pretty excited. Everybody knows that the only thing ghosts love more than eating hot dogs is to scare kids on Halloween night.

Eyeball Ghost was listening to his favorite song and doing a little dance when a dark cloud passed overhead. “That’s weird,” he thought to himself, “It’s not supposed to rain tonight.” Just then, with a loud BOOM, a bolt of lightning crashed down and struck the hot dogs! They sizzled and leapt and shook!

“Oh no! My hot dogs! I’ll save you!” yelled Eyeball Ghost. He looked around with his eyeball to find something to put out the fire. He grabbed the only thing nearby: a big bucket of radioactive goop. He picked it up and threw it onto the hot dogs, which started to smoke and bubble and glow. “Oh no! That didn’t help at all! Why did I even have that bucket of radioactive goop out here? This is the worst Halloween ever!” he cried.

Eyeball Ghost saw four strange little shapes rise up from out of the smoke. “That’s weird. Those look like.. no! It can’t be! My hot dogs!” he yelled. He couldn’t believe his eyeball. The four hot dogs that Eyeball Ghost had been grilling, that were then struck by lightning, and then covered in radioactive goop, were now alive! Even weirder, they were dressed up as Halloween monsters: Count Sausagela, Frankenfootlong, Were-Weiner, and the Mummy-in-a-Blanket!

Eyeball Ghost looked at the Halloweiners. The Halloweiners looked at Eyeball Ghost. “RAAHHHHH!” they roared at him. “AAAAAGGHH!” screamed Eyeball Ghost. The monster hot dogs jumped off the grill, past Eyeball Ghost, and into the night.

“Well, I’m glad that’s over,” Eyeball Ghost sighed, “I’m sure everything will be just fine.”

But everything was NOT fine. Eyeball Ghost could hear crashing and screaming coming from the neighborhood. “I bet that has nothing to do with those monster hot dogs I just made,” he said loudly to nobody. But Eyeball Ghost knew, deep in where his heart used to be, that he had to do something.

Eyeball Ghost floated out to the neighborhood and looked around. Kids wearing Halloween costumes of every kind were walking up and down the sidewalk, going house to house and yelling “Trick or treat!” at the top of their lungs. But there, running around the kids, were the Halloweiners.

“Raaahhhh!” roared the Halloweiners. “Aaaghhh!” screamed the kids. Laughing, the Halloweiners grabbed their candy and ran away. Eyeball Ghost felt awful. HE should be the one scaring those kids and stealing candy, not some crummy monster hot dogs! A couple of the neighbor kids ran over to Eyeball Ghost and cried, “Help us, Eyeball Ghost! Help us! Killer kielbasas are attacking our town!”

“Well, actually, they’re hot dogs. Not that I would know anything about it, because I had nothing to do with this, and I definitely did not create them with radioactive goop, why would you even say that?” Eyeball Ghost replied. The kids just stared at him. “Uhhh, okay. So how can we stop them?” they asked.

Eyeball Ghost thought about the problem. He stuck out his tongue. He scratched his head. “Eureka!” he shouted. “What? What?” the kids shouted back. Eyeball Ghost wasn’t sure why he had shouted “Eureka,” it wasn’t something he usually said. But he did have an idea of what to do.

“What is the one thing that Halloween monsters fear the most?” Eyeball Ghost asked.

“Fire?” suggested Sally.

“Pitchforks?” offered Jack.

“Bedtime,” said Eyeball Ghost “Bedtime is what Halloween monsters fear the most. Follow me.”

Eyeball Ghost and the kids went to find the Halloweiners. They weren’t too hard to find, they just had to follow the trail of candy wrappers and upset trick ‘r treaters. “Hi guys! How’s it going? Having fun?” Eyeball Ghost called out to the mutant hot dogs. He took some candy from one of the kids’ bags and laid it on the ground. The Halloweiners snatched it up and gobbled it down.

Laying a trail of candy treats, Eyeball Ghost led the Halloweiners back to his spooky old house, up the creaky old stairs, and into the bathroom. He filled the bathtub with nice, warm, bubbly water. The Halloweiners hopped into the tub and giggled as Eyeball Ghost wiped off their scary Halloween monster makeup. He dried them off with a fluffy clean towel, put them into their PJ’s, and tucked them into a little bed made out of a shoebox.

After he read them a bedtime story, Eyeball Ghost kissed each Halloweiner goodnight. He turned off the light and went back downstairs. The trick ‘r treaters were still on the spooky old front porch, waiting for Eyeball Ghost.

“Did it work? Are we safe from the Halloweiners?” they all asked.

“You are. Until next Halloween,” Eyeball Ghost sighed.

Eyeball Ghost smiled. The trick ‘r treaters smiled back.

“RAAHHHHHH!!!” roared Eyeball Ghost. “AAAGHHHH!” screamed the kids and ran away, dropping all their candy.

“That’s better,” Eyeball Ghost said loudly to nobody. He munched some candy. It had been a pretty good Halloween after all.


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