Reviews Of L.A. Eateries By A Five Year Old

Auntie Em’s, Eagle Rock- “This place makes the best pancakes, right? Two thumbs up!”

Donut Friend, Eagle Rock- “Did you take a bite of mine? You’re the worst.”

Jewel City Bowling, Glendale- “This place makes the best hot dogs, Dad! But we can save this for later. Can I have a milkshake?”

Travel Town Train Museum, Glendale- “I guess I really don’t like shavey ice. You can have this. Can I have ice cream?”

La Cabanita, Montrose- “This looks weird. I don’t want to try it. No thank you.”

Central Park Cafe, Pasadena- “This place makes the best butter pasta! One hundred million thumbs up. It’s way better than what you make.”

L.A. Zoo- “This place makes the best chicken nuggets, better than the whole wide world. Why can’t we feed the gorillas? This is the worst day ever. I want cotton candy! Why not? I hate you! (remaining transcript is unintelligible sobbing)”


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4 responses to “Reviews Of L.A. Eateries By A Five Year Old

  1. Hahaha! That is totally adorable and requires some illustrations I think. šŸ˜‰

  2. Jackie

    And thats just the first month.Learn to make pb&j,and leave the crust Dad.

  3. Jackie

    Dear Dad,leaving for kindergarden soon,sure do hope you have those food trucks lined up for my lunch.Love ,your son.

  4. L.A. Zoo Management Response: Dear Sobbing 5 year old – thank you for your feedback and for your positive review of our chicken nuggets – your opinion is important to us! We are sorry to hear that you hate us but regretfully must stand by our policy to NOT feed the Gorillas. Please accept our coupon for FREE cotton candy on your next visit (screw you dad)

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