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Reviews Of L.A. Eateries By A Five Year Old

Auntie Em’s, Eagle Rock- “This place makes the best pancakes, right? Two thumbs up!”

Donut Friend, Eagle Rock- “Did you take a bite of mine? You’re the worst.”

Jewel City Bowling, Glendale- “This place makes the best hot dogs, Dad! But we can save this for later. Can I have a milkshake?”

Travel Town Train Museum, Glendale- “I guess I really don’t like shavey ice. You can have this. Can I have ice cream?”

La Cabanita, Montrose- “This looks weird. I don’t want to try it. No thank you.”

Central Park Cafe, Pasadena- “This place makes the best butter pasta! One hundred million thumbs up. It’s way better than what you make.”

L.A. Zoo- “This place makes the best chicken nuggets, better than the whole wide world. Why can’t we feed the gorillas? This is the worst day ever. I want cotton candy! Why not? I hate you! (remaining transcript is unintelligible sobbing)”


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Not Dead, Only Sleeping

If anyone is still checking in on this big, I promise I’ll be back really soon with new stories. It’s been a batshit crazy whirlwind of the past few months as I was laid off from Dreamworks, sold the house, and moved to Los Angeles while my wife continues on at the studio here. I haven’t had much time to actually sit and write since this all happened, but now we’re finally settling in, the kid is about to enter kindergarten, and I’m going to attempt to actually get paid as a writer instead of going back to animation layout. For the moment, I’m still working on the new season of Social Medium (a series on Youtube I created) and a series of animated shorts in production at an extremely cool little animation studio founded by some ex Dreamworks animators. Help to see you back here soon!



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