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Liebster Award Nomination??

I have been nominated for The Leibster Award by The Tattoo Tourist! Which is incredibly nice, since I don’t really know if I qualify as a blogger, but I guess there’s no award for “Lazy Chubby Man Who Occasionally Writes Short Stories For Kids”.

Check her out at-

Here’s how it went down- (Pasted from The Tattoo Tourist)

One Salty Kiss !!- Here is her post mentioning the award  and here are my answers and my list of nominees. I don’t really know if this is how you are supposed to do this -but it’s a lovely gesture and I wanted to share these others blogs – and my random answers – AND my list of ten blogs to check out. You can answer your ten questions in the comment section. It’s like that time I went to the desert island with my favorite bloggers – but better and bigger! Enjoy!

liebster awardThe Liebster Award

(here is what Karen wrote about it)

After receiving the award, I am to answer ten questions posed by (Karen) so new readers can get to know me better. I then get to “nominate” ten of my favorite blogs. These bloggers then answer my ten questions and pay it forward. This type of recognition is amazing. The criteria for the Liebster is that is goes to blogs with followers in the hundreds, not the hundreds of thousands.

Here is Karen’s list – worth a look!

Salt Water Diary

Bare Naked In Public

The Tattoo Tourist   (hey it’s me!)

Rob’s Surf Report

The Girl Next Door Is Black

The Surf Nomad

Life’s A Disco Ball

She And The Sea

That’s Another Story

Tales Of A Landlocked Surf Girl



So then she sent me a list of questions


1. What is the main purpose of your blog?

I work for one of the biggest animation studios in the US, but there’s a lot of times I don’t feel very creatively fulfilled. I tried getting some of my writing published FOR REALS, but that was pretty frustrating and too time consuming, I’m just not the kind of person that does well with the whole “submit/refjection” cycle. So taking my wife’s advice, I stopped worrying about that stuff and just started writing my own stories and putting them up on WordPress. It’s fun, and if I get 10 readers for a story, hey, that’s better than none.

2. What are your 3 favorite blogs? (Can be big blogs or small blogs)

THE TATTOO TOURISTShe’s funny, smart, and one of my first contacts in the blogging community.

beatrixisbloging – ok, I admit, I write this one too. It’s a side blog for the YouTube series I created and write on.

Compass&Camera – A great travel blog that makes me insanely jealous that I don’t travel a lot. Ok, ever.

3. What is the weirdest/most controversial blog post you have written – please link!

Huh.. I guess that would be The Cat Shat On That. For the nudity.

4. Are you also writing a book or screenplay? If so what it is about and will you try to publish it.

Yeah, I’m constantly writing as much as I can fit in, have a few more kids book ideas to work on, plus finishing up the Secret Lair story. I’m working on a horror comedy screenplay with some friends, and just got asked to write on a show that a friend is pitching to networks. The Social Medium series on Youtube is ongoing, and we’re going to try and do a Kickstarter soon to get a real budget.

5. Eggnog. Yes or no followed by…rum or brandy?

Yes, and both. I’m non denominational when it comes to boozes.

6. How do you feel about questionnaires?

I kinda like them actually. I’ve got the essay skillz to pay the billz.

7. Will you blog forever or is there a cut off point/endpoint on your blogging horizon. If so why would you stop entertaining me? How selfish!

I think I’ll keep going as long as I have time. I’m in the middle of a bit of a forced break, only because I volunteered to take on a few too many projects at once. Once I can finish those up, I’m back to writing my own stuff again. I have no idea if it’ll end, I think I can keep coming up with goofy stories that publishers hate for the rest of my life.

8.Have any of your blog readers sent you something in the mail and if so what. (And can I borrow it).

Hahha, no! Does that happen??

9. Boxers or briefs? (Commando is also an answer and feel free to skip some of these questions. I get it. believe me.)

A HA! The boxer brief hybrid!

10. Secret nickname or pet name – I won’t tell anyone I promise.

Most people just call me Newlin, because, and I swear this is true, almost every childhood bully that picked on me was named Brian.

Now go out there, nominate 10 blogs and spread some feel good blogging cheer today!


Drinkers with Writing Problems


Nerdy Book Club


The Tattoo Tourist


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