Rejected Episodes of R.L. Stines “Goosebumps”

“The Girl Who Saw A Monster And Her Parents Absolutely Believed Her”

“We Did Not Investigate The Strange Sound In The Attic”

“Welcome To The Charming and Enjoyable Summer Camp, Part 1”

“The Vintage Radio That Played Existing AM Stations”

“The Neighbor Child Is Not A Ghost, Just An Introvert”

“Dad Is Certainly Not Conducting Potentially Hazardous Experiments In The Basement”

“Scary Movie Night Is Uneventful, Part 2”

“The Amusement Park That Was Well Lit and Properly Maintained”

“The New Teacher Is Inspiring”

“The Scarecrow Looks Normal And Is Protecting The Crops”

“Mom And Dad Checked This Babysitter’s References”

“Spookology Part 5: The Dentist Checkup Was OK, Even Though I Got A Cavity”

“Aunt Esther Is Simply Eccentric”

“The Videogame That Was Rated Appropriately For Children And Purchased On Amazon”

“Clowns Are Usually Pretty Nice Human People”

“The Day We Got Different Haircuts”

“Mom and Dad Attentively Supervise The Trip To The Halloween Mask Store”

“The Gypsies Who Scammed Grandma On A Roofing Job”

“Nobody Wants To Buy That Creepy Doll, Or Put It In Their Bedroom For That Matter”

“OK, We Admit It, We Actually Are Canadian”


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2 responses to “Rejected Episodes of R.L. Stines “Goosebumps”

  1. Hey I nominated you for a Leibster Award – read the latest post on my blog and you’ll find out all about it. mainly this is my attempt to get you to post more stuff 😉

    • hahah, thanks! I’ll check it out tonite! Yeah, work’s been crazy lately, and I’m trying to finish off a couple side projects before I get to my next story. THANKS!!

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