Eyeball Ghost and the Invisible Taco

Eyeball Ghost and the Invisible Taco


Brian Newlin

In a spooky old town, on a spooky old hill, in a spooky old house, there was a spooky old ghost named Eyeball Ghost.

One dark and gloomy day, Eyeball Ghost ventured out from his spooky old house to get a taco. Tacos were his favorite food in the whole wide world. He couldn’t wait to eat one.

“Hi, Eyeball Ghost!” a kid said as he floated down the street.

“BOOOO! Get out of my way! It’s time for tacos!” Eyeball Ghost replied. He didn’t have time to chit chat when the taco truck was waiting, full of yummy, tasty tacos.

Eyeball Ghost got to the taco truck and sighed. There was a sweet little old lady in front of him, also waiting for a taco. She smiled at Eyeball Ghost. Eyeball Ghost stuck his tongue out at her.

“Sorry, everyone, we only have two tacos left!” yelled the taco man inside the truck.

Eyeball Ghost looked at the last two tacos. He looked at the sweet little old lady.

“Look over there! Is that your kitty cat driving a firetruck?” exclaimed Eyeball Ghost.

“What? Captain Fluffybutt? Not again!” the sweet little old lady cried, looking around. Eyeball Ghost quickly jumped to the front of the line and took the last two tacos.

The sweet little old lady stared at Eyeball Ghost. Eyeball Ghost smiled at the sweet little old lady. Then, he swallowed both of the delicious tacos in one giant bite.

The sweet little old lady pointed at Eyeball Ghost and shook her sparkly, jangly bangles at him. She didn’t look so sweet now.

“Impatience and greed lead only to woe, now suffer the Curse of Invisible Taco!” the little old lady chanted.

“Ha ha ha, whatever.” laughed Eyeball Ghost, and he floated back home and went to sleep in his snuggly bed.

The next morning, Eyeball Ghost woke up, stretched his arms, yawned… and then he smelled something. Something yummy. Something familiar. Something taco-y.

“I smell a taco! Did I bring one home and forget about it?” wondered Eyeball Ghost. He got out of bed and looked around. He didn’t see a taco on his nightstand table.

“That’s weird. I know I can smell a delicious, yummy taco.” Eyeball Ghost muttered.

Eyeball Ghost looked under his bed. Nope, no taco there. He looked inside of his sock drawer. There wasn’t a taco in there either. Eyeball Ghost scratched his head and said, “Hmmm. It must be downstairs.”

Sniff. Sniff. SNIFF! Eyeball Ghost sniffed the air. “That taco must be in the kitchen, I’m sure of it.” He went into the kitchen, but didn’t see the taco on the counter. He opened the refrigerator, staring inside. He moved his grape sodas around. The taco wasn’t behind those either. Eyeball Ghost checked inside the spooky old cupboards and under the spooky old sink, but he couldn’t find a taco anywhere.

“This is really weird. I know there’s a taco around here somewhere.” grumbled Eyeball Ghost. He floated into the living room. The taco wasn’t on the table. It also wasn’t in between the sofa cushions, up the fireplace, or on the ceiling.

The delicious taco smell was getting stronger and stronger. “Why do you mock me, taco? Where are you? This really is the worst!” Eyeball Ghost wailed.

Eyeball Ghost thought for a moment. “Oh wait! Maybe the taco truck is outside!”

Eyeball Ghost opened up the door of his spooky old house. He saw a bunch of people standing on the street corner near the taco truck, laughing and eating. He floated over to them and couldn’t believe his eye.

People were munching and chomping… nothing! Eyeball Ghost could see them crunching, chewing, and swallowing, but he couldn’t see what they were eating. He peered into the taco truck, but he couldn’t see any yummy tacos in there either.

Then, Eyeball Ghost realized that all the tacos were… INVISIBLE.

“Ooooh. That’s what she meant,” sighed Eyeball Ghost. “I should have guessed.”

The sweet little old lady walked up to Eyeball Ghost and smiled. Eyeball Ghost tried to smile back, but he was too sad.

“Sorry, everyone, only two tacos left!” yelled the taco man. Eyeball Ghost looked. He was the first in line. “Hey buddy, are you going to order a taco or what?” asked the taco man.

Eyeball Ghost looked at the taco man. Then he looked at the sweet little old lady.

“Just one taco, please. This little old lady should get one too,” Eyeball Ghost said. “Sorry about yesterday. Everyone should share yummy tacos.”

The sweet little old lady smiled and said, “That’s very nice of you, Eyeball Ghost. Thank you.”

POOF! Suddenly, the tacos were no longer invisible. People were eating and smiling and sharing with each other. Eyeball Ghost finally understood the true meaning of tacos.

“Hah ha ha, whatever.” laughed the sweet little old lady, and they both swallowed their delicious tacos in one giant bite.



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2 responses to “Eyeball Ghost and the Invisible Taco

  1. Of course I now want a taco….kids also want tacos. Powerful writing! Well done.

  2. It’s like a cool, sort of subversive PSA that should be animated & run whenever deviant tweens watch cartoons.

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