Bed Boat

The Bed Boat


Brian Newlin

Bed boat! Bed boat! Let’s all make a bed boat!

Grab your blanket, a bunch of pillows, and jump onto the bed or couch. It’s time to make a bed boat!

You can make a bed boat by yourself or with your family. Don’t forget your pets! All aboard the bed boat!

Where will the bed boat take you? Down the mighty Mississippi River? Across the desert to a giant’s castle? Maybe to the moon? The bed boat can go anywhere!

Did you bring some snacks to eat in the bed boat? Pretzels, an apple, crackers, or carrots are great snacks on a bed boat! Soup is not a good idea.

You can dress up as whatever you like on the bed boat! A pirate, an astronaut, or 1972 Stanley Cup winner, hockey player Bobby Orr! Everyone can have fun on the bed boat!

Who is steering the bed boat? Not me! Quick! Grab the wheel! Don’t crash into that rock! Don’t fall over the waterfall! Look out for that dinosaur!

The bed boat is going through a tunnel. Quick, get under the covers! Did you remember to bring your flashlight? OK, good. Let’s tell a spooky story while the bed boat is in the cave.

“Once Upon a Time, there was a bed boat, and it was in a deep, dark cave, and then… a ghost grabbed your foot and said Boo!”

AAAAHH! Scary! Everyone out from under the covers! Whew! It sure does get warm in the bed boat!

Is that the telephone ringing? Is there someone knocking at the door? Sorry, they’ll have to wait, nobody can get off the bed boat! Unless you have to use the bathroom. Then, go ahead, the bed boat will wait here for you.

Oh no! The tv remote control is just out of reach? And your favourite show is on? Too bad! The alligators might get you if you step off of the bed boat!

It’s awfully comfy, all snuggled deep in the blankets and pillows, right? You might want to close your eyes and relax, just for a minute, here in the bed boat. That’s all right, go ahead.

The bed boat is soft and safe and warm. The bed boat is just floating away, down the river, across the desert, and past the moon.

We can all have fun in the bed boat.

We can all take a little nap in the bed boat.

See you again soon, bed boat.


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