Henry’s Hobbies

First rough draft. This one needs some polishing, plus it really is intended as a picture book, so I’ll have to figure out illustrations sometime.

Henry’s Hobbies


Brian Newlin

Henry was bored. Bored, bored, bored. His mother said, “Henry! Get a hobby!”

Henry thought that was a great idea. But what kind of hobby?

First, Henry tried collecting stamps. The mailman didn’t think that was a good choice.

Henry learned to play the trombone. The neighbors weren’t so happy.

Knitting was next. At least it kept the house warm.

Henry baked 50 pies. The cats really liked that one.

Butterfly collecting didn’t go too well. Henry didn’t like keeping them in cages.

Henry got pretty good at oil painting. Grandma was a great model.

Building ships in bottles was relaxing, but it started to get out of hand.

Henry’s tomatoes won all sorts of prizes. Too bad Henry thought tomatoes were yuck-a-rooni.


Henry’s dad sure was surprised when Henry invited the hockey team to the house after the big game.

Everyone in the neighborhood still talks about Henry’s magic show.

Astronomy didn’t work out. Henry needed his sleep.


The metal detecting helped pay for the sailing lessons.

Henry’s turn as Hamlet was very well received by the critics.

Golf was a mistake.

Chainsaw sculpting.

Henry earned his black belt in record time.

Mom and dad said no way to skydiving, at least for a few years.

Writing was easy. Henry’s first picture book was a  top seller.

Henry’s hobby, he decided, was collecting hobbies. Henry’s mom wished that his next hobby would be to clean his room.


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