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All the sorts of writings. All of them.

Took a bit of a break from writing stories, just a little bit, because something kinda weird and unexpected happened- I wrote a weird tv show idea, that somebody actually read and contacted me with the suggestion that we actually make it. After an insanely brief and intense period of writing and producing, Tara Jayn (actress/producer/director) has posted the first couple of mini blog style episodes! She is literally doing all the work, I’m living the dream of just writing and co-writing. Please enjoy SOCIAL MEDIUM-

With any luck, we’ll be able to get funding for the full episodes later, but for now it’s been a blast just making something.


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Henry’s Hobbies

First rough draft. This one needs some polishing, plus it really is intended as a picture book, so I’ll have to figure out illustrations sometime.

Henry’s Hobbies


Brian Newlin

Henry was bored. Bored, bored, bored. His mother said, “Henry! Get a hobby!”

Henry thought that was a great idea. But what kind of hobby?

First, Henry tried collecting stamps. The mailman didn’t think that was a good choice.

Henry learned to play the trombone. The neighbors weren’t so happy.

Knitting was next. At least it kept the house warm.

Henry baked 50 pies. The cats really liked that one.

Butterfly collecting didn’t go too well. Henry didn’t like keeping them in cages.

Henry got pretty good at oil painting. Grandma was a great model.

Building ships in bottles was relaxing, but it started to get out of hand.

Henry’s tomatoes won all sorts of prizes. Too bad Henry thought tomatoes were yuck-a-rooni.


Henry’s dad sure was surprised when Henry invited the hockey team to the house after the big game.

Everyone in the neighborhood still talks about Henry’s magic show.

Astronomy didn’t work out. Henry needed his sleep.


The metal detecting helped pay for the sailing lessons.

Henry’s turn as Hamlet was very well received by the critics.

Golf was a mistake.

Chainsaw sculpting.

Henry earned his black belt in record time.

Mom and dad said no way to skydiving, at least for a few years.

Writing was easy. Henry’s first picture book was a  top seller.

Henry’s hobby, he decided, was collecting hobbies. Henry’s mom wished that his next hobby would be to clean his room.


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Eyeball Ghost and the Midnight Skeletons



Brian Newlin

(inspired by a true story, according to a 4 year old)


In a spooky old town, on a spooky old hill, in a spooky old house, there was a spooky old ghost named Eyeball Ghost.


Eyeball Ghost did not like anyone in his house. Every night, he looked out of the window and said, “Nobody better come into my house, or I will scare them away with my ghost powers. Mwaa haa haa!”

One day, some kids from the spooky old town climbed up the spooky old hill, opened the door to the spooky old house, and started to go up the stairs to the spooky old tower.

“We’re not scared! There’s no such things as ghosts,” the kids said, shining their flashlights around.


“Oh no?” replied Eyeball Ghost, and he floated in front of them and shouted “BOOO!”

“Oh no! There is such things as ghosts! Run!” screamed the kids.

The kids ran down the stairs, out of the house, down the hill, and all the way back into town.

“Mwaa haa haa,” Eyeball Ghost laughed “That will teach those kids to come into my house.”


Eyeball Ghost got into his bed, pulled the snuggly covers up around him, and started to fall asleep.


The spooky old clock downstairs struck twelve. Then, Eyeball Ghost heard another noise. A very small, very faint noise. A knocking noise at the door.

knock knock.

“What was that?” Eyeball Ghost said.

Knock Knock.

“Who’s there?” asked Eyeball Ghost.


Eyeball Ghost went to the door. “It better not be those kids again, or I will be very, very upset!” Eyeball Ghost said, and opened the door.


It was not the kids knocking on the door. It was a bunch of skeletons, standing on the porch.

“Who are you?” demanded Eyeball Ghost, looking at them with his eyeball.

“We are the Midnight Skeletons, and we are coming inside.” the skeletons said, and they marched right through Eyeball Ghost and into the house.

Eyeball Ghost was confused and angry. “What’s going on? Why are you in my house?” he asked.

The Midnight Skeletons did not answer. A couple of them went into the kitchen and started making popcorn and getting grape sodas out of the refrigerator.

“BOOOO! Go away!” Eyeball Ghost shouted. He did not like anyone in his house, especially Midnight Skeletons.

Another skeleton turned on the radio. He found a funky disco song and all the skeletons started to dance.


“No no no! BOOO!! BOOO!! Get out of my house!” Eyeball Ghost yelled in his spookiest voice, but nobody listened.

Three of the Midnight Skeletons danced up the stairs into the tower. Eyeball Ghost followed. He was very, very upset.


The skeletons started jumping up and down on Eyeball Ghost’s cozy bed.

“My cozy bed! Booo! BOOO!! Get off my cozy bed!” Eyeball Ghost cried.


After a while, skeletons got bored jumping on the cozy bed and went back downstairs. All the Midnight Skeletons were dropping popcorn crumbs and grape soda all over Eyeball Ghost’s nice spooky floor.


“This is the worst. Really, the worst,” Eyeball Ghost wailed. He felt pretty sad.

Then, Eyeball Ghost and the Midnight Skeletons heard a noise. A very small, very faint noise. A knocking noise at the door.

knock knock.

“What was that?” Eyeball Ghost asked.

Knock Knock.

“Who’s there?” asked the Midnight Skeletons.



Eyeball Ghost opened the door, and there, on the porch, stood the kids from town.

“It’s just a bunch of kids,” Eyeball Ghost said.

“We’re not scared! There’s no such things as kids,” said the Midnight Skeletons.

“Oh no?” asked Eyeball Ghost, and he let the kids into the house.

“What’s all the racket in here? It’s too loud and we can’t sleep!” the kids yelled.

“Oh no! There is such things as kids! Run!” screamed the Midnight Skeletons.


The Midnight Skeletons ran out of the house, down the hill, and all the way back to wherever they came from.

Eyeball Ghost looked at the kids. The kids looked at Eyeball Ghost.

“Thanks, kids. Want some popcorn?” asked Eyeball Ghost.

“Not tonight, Eyeball Ghost, we better get back home. Maybe tomorrow?” the kids said, and went back home to bed.


From then on, Eyeball Ghost was happy when friends came from the spooky old town, up the spooky old hill, and into the spooky old house to visit.

Well, everyone except the Midnight Skeletons.


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