Brian Newlin

Under piles of stuff you leave ‘round the house

Live weird little monsters as small as a mouse.

They aren’t mean or scary and don’t want to bite

But they only come out when you shut off the light.


Allothwump nests under old apple peels

You don’t like to eat them so that’s what he steals.


Bugglefoot hides beneath boats in the tub

And with your sponge, his bum he will scrub.


Clopp lurks in piles of clothes that you dropped

Until you wash them, she’ll never be stopped.


Dibblesmith nibbles donuts left overnight

That’s why they all look like Dad took a bite.


Embersmith gathers envelopes all in a stack

She scribbles love notes and hopes you write back.


Frobblegob makes a fort under the fridge

If you look close you might see a smidge.


Glop likes galoshes all muddy and wet

Don’t pick them up or he might get upset


Huckenspud hides under the hat in the hall

you dropped on the floor, not hung on the wall.


Iddlebit, in an igloo, snuggles under snowshoes.

He dreams all night of a tropical cruise.


Jeckelkrip found the jacket dropped under the chair

and is filling the pockets with dust bunnies and hair.


Kishkosh makes a blanket from your forgotten kite

I hope she wakes up before the next flight.


Lenny likes library books left on the table

You ought to return them as soon as you’re able.


McMush makes a home out of mittens and gloves

The more that she finds, the more that she loves.


Naggle sits in bowls of leftover noodles

Not much rhymes with noodles, only oodles of poodles.


Otto slumbers under your octopus doll

The one that your aunt brought back from the mall.


Plim perches in piles of purple pajamas

which are usually worn by crazy old Grammas.


Quincefuzz sits under the forgotten quilt

She drinks some nice tea.. oops, look, it’s spilt.


Roth hides beneath the tv remote

He likes to pretend it’s a little bed boat.


Shlump makes a nest with your old stinky socks

She stuffs them all up with sand, dirt, and rocks.


Toesniff is tiny and it’s toenails he takes

He lounges beneath them and eats tiny cakes.


Uck finds the underwear left under the bed

She wears them like hats on top of her head.


Vlarpo vacations in the dirt filled vacuum

He then puts the dust back into your room.


Winfripp make a tent out of old candy wrappers

That’s the best place for sweet little nappers.


X wants to rest under your xylophone

He threw out his back and has to lie prone.

Yip knits a nest out of soft yellow yarn

which you didn’t pick up. Were you born in a barn?


Zoollabonk hides under uneaten zucchini

You’ll never find her, she’s so teeny weeny.


So the next time you leave a mess on the floor

Or on top of your plate

Or next to the door

Underthings might hide there, just take a look

They may even be hiding right UNDER THIS BOOK.





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3 responses to “Underthings

  1. I like it so far – add some illustrations!

  2. I read the entire story out loud to my husband. He’s not 3-5 years of age, but enjoyed it all the same.

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