My Dentist the Dinosaur

Wrote this in about 45 minutes, it’s been rattling in my brain for a bit so I wanted to get it out, but kinda thinking it would make a better picture book.

My Dentist the Dinosaur


Brian Newlin


My mom brought me to the dentist. She said it was time for a checkup. I said I didn’t want to go. She said that was too bad.


We drove to the dentist office and went inside. My mom told the man behind the desk that I was here to see the dentist. The lady told my mom that the regular dentist was on vacation, so I would be seeing a new dentist named Dr. Ollie Saurus. My mom said that was fine. While we waited, I read a magazine about cars.


The man behind the desk called my name. My mom said she’d wait there for me. I followed a nurse lady down the hall and into a little room that had posters of yucky teeth on the wall. I sat down in the chair and the nurse put a paper bib around my neck. She told me to wait a few minutes and the dentist would be in to see me. Then she left.


After a couple minutes, I heard the dentist walk in behind me. “Hello! How are you today?”

I started to say “Good.” but that’s when I looked. And saw. The dentist. The dentist. Was. A. Dinosaur.


Really. A dinosaur, squished into the room, wearing a white doctor jacket, glasses, and a little paper mask on its nose. The dinosaur smiled at me and waved his little claw at me.


“Good? Good good good! I’m Dr. Ollie Saurus. Now, let’s see those teeth of yours!” the dinosaur said.


I couldn’t say a word. I didn’t know what to say. I just opened my mouth.


“Ooooh! Look at all those shiny teeth!” the dinosaur exclaimed. He pressed a button on the floor with his huge scaly toe and the chair tilted backwards.


The dinosaur snuffled and wiggled his snout around, trying to get the paper mask to fit better. “Ummm, could you do me a favor and just..?” I slowly reached out my hand and pulled the mask as straight as I could over his giant dinosaur nose.


“Thanks! Now, open wide, please.” the dinosaur said, and he leaned in close, close, closer to me. He squinted his yellow eyes and looked at my teeth. He stuck a plastic tube into my mouth and pressed another button. The tube was like a vacuum and started sssshlllucckkinnng up all my drool.


He picked up a metal scraper thing off the table with his tiny little claw hand and, very gently, poked a couple of my teeth. “Hmmmmmm… tell me, how often do you brush?”


“Bllagglll sshmuuggg aafffll ddaafff” I said.


The dinosaur smiled and said, “Twice a day? That’s right! Bushing once after breakfast and once after dinner will keep those teeth nice and shiny.”


The dinosaur turned on a bright light and looked even closer into my mouth. He scraped a little bit on my teeth with the little metal thing. I looked into his mouth and saw about 100 sharp teeth, each one the size of a carrot. They were all sparkly white. I was surprised that his breath didn’t smell bad at all, sort of minty.


The dinosaur picked up a toothbrush and tried to squeeze some toothpaste onto it. He squirted it all over the ceiling, and then knocked over a chair with his long tail. “Whoopsy!” he said, “Could you please help me again?” I squeezed a little toothpaste onto the toothbrush.


“Up and down, round and round, up and down, round and round!” the dinosaur sang, carefully brushing all my teeth. Then he said I could rinse and spit water from a cup into this little swirly drain. “It looks like a tiny toilet bowl, doesn’t it?” the dinosaur laughed, and I started to laugh too.


“Ok, ok, so, now the floss!” the dinosaur asked, and he took a piece of it and gently ran it between each of my teeth. “How often do you floss?” he asked.


“Aaaggaakk florp blurgll gak.” I answered.


The dinosaur frowned and said, “That’s all? You really need to floss once a day, it will keep your gums pink and healthy!”


The dinosaur finished flossing, pressed the button on the chair so it lifted back up, and said, “Well, that’s it! Your teeth look great, just keep brushing every day and eating healthy snacks like fruits and veggies. Now, you know what will happen if you don’t floss every day, right?”


The dinosaur seemed very big all of a sudden. He leaned in close to me, and I remembered all of his long, sharp teeth.


“Ulp?” I gulped.


“That’s right! Cavities! And we don’t want those, do we? Well, it was very nice to meet you, now I have to go see my next patient. Goodbye!” and the dinosaur stomped out of the room. The last I saw was his long, spiky tail sliding down the hallway.


I went out to the waiting room where my mom was still sitting. “How was it?” my mom asked. “Ummmm…good?” I replied. I didn’t know what else to say.


“Great!” my mom said, “Don’t forget, we also have to go get your eyes checked. They just called and said your regular optometrist is also on vacation, so they have someone new named… Dr. Mo Rilla.”


The End


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