by Brian Newlin

Tex, Slim, and Cookie were out on the Gila Trail, coming back home from a long cattle drive. They saw someone riding towards them across the prairie.

It was Ellie, their friend, galloping as fast as she could on her pony.

“You gotta come quick, Tex! Beige Bart and his gang of outlaws have taken over our town and they’re stealing everything!” Ellie cried.

“Twisters and tumbleweeds!” Tex exclaimed, “We gotta hightail it back there and stop those varmits!”

“We better scoot, it’s a long way home.” said Slim. He put on his 10 gallon hat and jumped onto his horse.

“Well, tarnation!” grumbled Cookie, “I just made all these deeelicous biscuits. I suppose I’ll just bring ’em with us.”

Cookie put the biscuits in his bag and climbed into his chuckwagon.

“Giddy up!” Tex yelled, and the friends rode west as fast as they could towards home.

Slim squinted his eyes as he looked up at the sky. “Uh oh, there’s a bad storm a-brewin’!” he said as dark clouds gathered above them.

“We better find someplace safe and dry until it passes.” said Ellie.

“Let’s head for that cave.”  Tex said, pointing at a nearby hillside.

Tex, Ellie, Slim, and Cookie brought the horses inside the cave, just as hard rain started to pour down.

“It’s raining polecats and prairie dogs!” grumbled Cookie.

Tex built a little fire inside the cave to keep everyone warm and dry.
Suddenly, lightning struck a nearby tree and there was a huge BOOM of thunder!

“Cowpies and cacti! The horses!” yelled Tex.

The horses, spooked by the thunder, broke free of their hitches and ran for the hills.

BOOM! Another bolt of lightning struck, and rocks began to fall down around them.

“Landslide!” everyone shouted. They all backed up into the cave to be safe. Big rocks tumbled down and blocked the cave entrance. They were trapped!

“What do we do now?” asked Ellie.

“Well, I reckon we better try and find another way out of here.” said Tex.

Slim looked around. “Hey, there’s a mighty strange looking light down there. Let’s go check it out.”

Tex picked up a torch and led the group further and further into the spooky cave. The weird light got brighter and brighter.

“Hot diggity! It’s a way out!” shouted Cookie, pointing at the glowing hole in the rocks.

“Boy oh boy, I think you’re right, Cookie.” said Tex, as they stepped through the hole.

“Sweet sarsapirilla!” everyone whispered as they looked at the bright green jungle around them.

Tex rubbed his eyes and said, “This sure don’t look like the Gila Trail, friends. Maybe we better take a gander and see if we can find our way back to town.”

Tex and his friends were looking around, amazed at all the strange colorful plants, when they heard some rustling in the trees.

“What was that?” asked Ellie.

“I don’t know, but it sounds awful big!” cried Slim.

The ground rumbled and shook! The trees were knocked down! And there, standing bigger than a barn, was a huge, enormous, ginormous dinosaur.

“Uh oh.” whispered Cookie.

ROOAR!!!” said the T-Rex.

“Jumpin’ jackrabbits! Run!” yelled Tex, and everyone ran as fast as they could.

Just as the hungry dinosaur was about to gobble up poor old Cookie, the biscuits he had been saving fell out of his bag.

The dinosaur stopped and sniffed the biscuit. SNIFFFF! It tasted one with its long dinosaur tongue. SLLURRRP!

Chomp chomp chomp! The dinosaur chewed up the biscuit!

“Cookie! I do believe that big galoot likes your biscuits!” said Tex.
“Well, of course he does! It’s my momma’s secret recipe, everyone loves them.” Cookie bragged. He threw another biscuit to the huge dinosaur.

The T-Rex wagged its tail and grabbed the biscuit out of the air. CHOMP! Then, it sat down and smiled!

“I’ve got an idea.” said Tex. He took out his lasso and whirled it around in the air. It landed around the dinosaurs huge neck, and Tex jumped on its back! The dinosaur roared and stood up, and Tex held on tight. “Gitty up!” he yelled.

It only took a minute, and Tex was riding around on the dinosaur like an old pro.

“C’mon, gang! Looks like these scary fellers want to be friends!” said Tex.

Cookie gave some biscuits to Slim and Ellie, and pretty soon everyone had a new dinosaur friend to ride.

Slim was riding a giant Diplodocus, which made the whole ground shake with every step. “I think I’ll call him Tiny!” he shouted down to his friends.

Cookie found a big ol’ Stegosaurus, and it looked almost like his chuckwagon. “I’m gonna name him Chuck.” he said as he petted the giant beast.

“YEEEE HAA! Let’s fly, Lightning!”  Ellie yelled, as she took off into the sky, riding her new Pterodactyl friend.

“And I’m gonna call you Sweetpea, ‘cause you’re just so durn sweet!” said Tex as he gave his dinosaur friend another biscuit. Sweetpea purred and licked Tex’s face.

Cookie pointed back towards the cave and said, “Heck, maybe these scaly caballos can help us get back home.”

MEANWHILE, back in town, Beige Bart and his gang were almost finished putting all the money from the bank into bags. Because they were so rotten, they had also stolen everything from the townspeople, even their boots.

Beige Bart jumped on his horse and waved at his gang to follow him.

“Let’s get out of this fleabitten old town, boys! They ain’t got nothin’ left here but tumbleweeds and dirt!” yelled Beige Bart.

“That’s a double negative!” cried little Emmett, standing in Beige Bart’s way.

“I don’t like no fancy book learnin’! Yee haawww!”  yelled Beige Bart, and jumped on his horse and started to ride away.

Suddenly, there was a ROOOAAAARR!!!

Beige Bart’s horse stopped as fast as it could, throwing Beige Bart right over Emmett’s head. He landed with a THUD! and slowly looked up.

“I don’t think any of those boots belong to you, Beige Bart” announced Tex, from high atop Sweetpea.

“But, but, but….” said Beige Bart.

RROOARRR!”  roared Sweetpea, and picked Beige Bart up by his collar.

Beige Bart’s gang tried to run the other way down the street, but Cookie and Chuck stomped in and blocked their path.

Slim yelled “Into the hoosegow with you!” and Tiny lassoed the last bandit with his tail.

Tex herded the gang into the jail and slammed the door shut behind them.

Ellie flew overhead on Lightning’s back and dropped the money back into the bank.

“You saved us! You saved the town!” shouted the townspeople.

“You saved our shoes!” said Emmett, as he put his boots back on.

The dinosaurs gathered around to meet everyone. The people were scared at first, but they quickly saw how friendly the dinosaurs were.

“I better get to cookin’ up a heap more biscuits.” said Cookie.

“Hooray! Hooray! Yippee!” said the townspeople.

ROOOAAAARR!” roared the dinosaurs.

“Yippie yi yo ki yay!!” shouted the heroes.


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